The Emperor's Soul

The Emperor's Soul
by Brandon Sanderson

So those of you who have been following my blog, already know just how much I like Brandon Sanderson's Writing. He is a fantastic storyteller and his books never disappoint.

This is a short story, set in the same world as his book Elantris (how have I not read that book yet?). It was a fascinating tale about a girl who is a forger. She uses a type of magic to change objects, animals and even people into something different. She is tasked with saving the Emperor.

I thought this new type of magic was really interesting and different from anything I have read before. This is why I love his books so much. They are so unique.

He is so great at developing characters rich in detail and history. People you genuinely care about and want to know more about. It did not take me long to get drawn into the story and I wanted her to succeed just as much as she was determined to do the impossible.

This story made me want to move Elantris higher up on my to be read list. If you enjoy fantasy but have not read one of Brandon Sanderson's books yet, you should really give this one a try. Even if you don't read fantasy much, I think you will find his style of writing enthralling.