Luvsome Dog Food

I received some Luvsome samples to try for my Dog. Lana is seriously the best dog ever. She is so patient with the kids. Always does what she's told. And is always there for me when I need a cuddle! It is so important to me that she gets a healthy, well balanced diet. We plan on having her around for a long time. She is almost 10 years old so keeping her healthy and full of energy is even more important. 

She didn't love the toy that came in the package. I think it is too hard for her. She prefers soft toys. She has really enjoyed the food and gets super excited when ever it's time to feed her. It was so easy to switch her over to this food. Her coat looks good and she had no digestive issues with this diet. Other then it did seem to make her a little more gassy then usual. That seems to be dissipating the longer she has been on the Luvsome food. 

As you can see even the treats are filled with good ingredients and this has provided a good balanced diet for Lana. Funny thing about the treats though, she will only take them from me, not the kids. I have no idea why. She happily gobbles them up when I give them to her but of one of the kids tried she walks away. Strange..,