Dark Matter

Dark Matter
by Blake Couch

This book is about a man, named Jason, who is torn from his life and wakes into a world where nothing is the way he remembers. In this new world he is not married, does not have a son and is famous for his work in physics. He must figure out what is real, if he wants to return to the life he remembers.

I thought this book was fascinating. I consider myself a science person and even majored in science in College, but Physics was never my strong suit. I still find some of the concepts baffling and difficult to wrap my brain around. Please tell me I'm not the only one?! Anyway, this book is full of quantum physics: Schrodinger's Cat, the multiverse, quantum superposition and all kinds of concepts that in the past I struggled to grasp. And it was Fascinating and mind-boggling tale in the very best way possible. I think the author has done a great job of making difficult concepts easy to understand and follow. I feel like I understand quantum physics so much better now.

Besides learning more about the field of quantum physics, this story was a thrilling book to read. It grabbed my attention immediately and I found myself really caring about what happened to Jason and his family. My son had surgery the other day and I really needed a book that could capture my attention enough to distract me, while I waited for him to be done. Anyone else who has waited while a loved one undergoes surgery will understand my anxiety and this book helped me get through that day, just a little easier.

It did remind me somewhat of the TV show Sliders, in a good way. The idea of endless worlds of possibilities and the struggle to find your way back home. If you find quantum physics interesting, even just a little, I think you will also enjoy reading this book.