By Kathy Reichs and Brendan Reichs

This is the third book in the Virals series and I really enjoyed this one. The Virals were pulled into a game of life and death, where they had to solve puzzles to stop a bomb from going off. I thought this book was suspenseful and it was fun reading how they were able to solve each puzzle they faced. I like the characters in this book, which always makes a book more enjoyable to read. I liked that this book was very different form the last book. I think it is great to have a series of books that can be read together but can also be read separately with out feel lost or left hanging in suspense.  I feel like this series really hits that mark. I enjoy reading these books and plan on continuing to read this series.

I also recently read the short prequel to the first book in the series.


It was a fun quick read and I really liked getting a glimpse at Tory's first experience meeting her dad and the other soon to be Virals.