The Ruby Knight

You guys, reading has been so hard for me recently. I've been so tired and stressed out that I just haven't had the motivation. Which bums me out a little bit because reading is usually such a great stress reliever for me.

I did managed to finally finish the second book in The Elenium by David Eddings. I really enjoy this series and it has been fun rereading it.

The Ruby Knight
by David Eddings

I enjoyed this book just as much this time around. I do have to say that I really felt Sparhawks frustration every time they were delayed from searching for the Bhelliom. They are on such a time crunch to save the Queen that it was sad that things just seemed to drag out longer and longer. This is one of the reasons why I like David Eddings' books so much. His characters are so well developed. I feel like I really know them and what they are feeling. If they are happy or angry or sad. I laugh when they laugh. I'm feel frustrated wight along with them. I love these characters so much and could definitely read about them over and over again. They are all so unique and add so much to the story. I am definitely happy that the main object of their mission was finally completed by the end of this book and I look forward to reading about the rest of their adventures in the third book!