Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Bands Of Mourning

The Bands of Mourning
By Brandon Sanderson

It should come as no surprise that I really enjoyed this book. This is the 6th book in the Mistborn series. This continues to be one of my all time favorite series.

This book is such a fun mix of fantasy, steampunk, western and sci fi. That may sound like a strange mix but it turns out that it makes for a great story. Their world is so different from ours yet so similar at the same time. It makes for a fascinating read.

This book made me love the Characters even more then I already do. They are each so unique and really bring the story to life. I think my favorite is Wayne. I love the way he can be anybody he wants just by changing how he talks and the way he dresses. Plus he sees the world so much differently then everybody else. He is a really fun character. I have also really grown to like Steris and her obsessive over preparation. Her character was really allowed to grow in this book which I thought really added some depth to the story.

I thought that the direction the story took was really interesting and now I can't wait to read the next book in the series. To bad I will have to wait a while because it isn't written yet.

Monday, September 19, 2016


A couple weeks ago I learned that one of our our favorite children author's had passed away. I was saddened by this news. Anna Dewdney wrote all the delightful Llama Llama books. We adore Llama Llama at out house and have quite the collection to prove it.

She had requested that instead of a funeral, that people read to a child. We were happy to honer her memory by reading some of our favorite Llama Llama books together. My favorite is Llama Llama mad at Mama. What's your favorite?

Speaking of children and childhood, I was wondering around my children's book fair and came across this Gem, Wait Till Helen Comes, by Mary Downing Hall. It made me so happy to see it sitting there on that shelf. I bought it almost 30 years ago at my elementary book fair and it still sits on my shelf to this day. It was my very first ghost story and I was addicted to Ghost stories for years after. I've read so many now but this one will always remain my favorite.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Bourne Identity

The Bourne Identity
by Robert Ludlum

Both my husband and I really like the Bourne Movies. We had a Bourne Movie marathon a month or so ago to get ready for the new one that just came out. As we were watching the movies it inspired me to try reading one of the books. I thought I might learn more about Bourne and his past in more detail then was given in the movies.

Well it turns out that the book and the movie have very little in common. And for once I enjoyed the movie more then the book. Things that are similar: he is found floating at sea, injured and with no memories, he goes to a bank in Zurich, there is an organization called Treadstone, he meets and falls in love with Marie. Things that are different: his past, his purpose before he lost his memory and basically everything else in the movie.

I did not love the writing in this book and had a really hard time getting through it. It was very slow moving and a little bit repetitive. The ending was anti-climatic and I kind of wish there had been a little more closure. Of course then there probably couldn't have been other books in the series. But what bothered me the most in this book was how quickly Marie seemed to forget how brutal he was to her. One minute she was terrified of him and the next she was madly in love. He hurt her physically, threatened to killer, basically kidnapped her and abused her and the next thing you know she has falling in love with him, just because he came back and saved her life. I just didn't buy it. There needed to be more development of their love story.

Things I did find interesting was the story behind his creation and purpose. It was a very interesting concept and I kind of wish now that they had stuck to that in the movie. It is the main reason that I finish the book. I just really wanted him to learn the truth so he would stop feeling so guilty about being an assassin, thinking he had done some terrible things.

I don't plan on reading the rest of the books in this series. I will just stick to the movies from now on.