The Sword of Summer

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: The Sword of Summer
by Rick Riordan

First of all, I loved this dedication at the beginning of his book. I have to admit that whenever I hear the name Magnus the first person I think of is Magnus Bane from Cassandra Clara's books.

This was a really fun read. I think this may be my favorite of all Rick Riordan's books that I've read. I mean I love Percy and Annabeth, but I just really loved the style of writing in this book. The main character had a great sense of humor and that stayed true through out the entire novel. I kind of loved how he was able to keep a good attitude and his humor, despite facing some really hard things. It's a great way to live your life. Even the Titles for each chapter were humorous. It just made it more fun.

I liked all the characters and found all the Norse mythology fascinating. The only knowledge I have at all about Norse Mythology comes from the Thor Movies (I know, I know, not a great source) so this was a really great way to get a better look into it.

If you are looking for a fun, quick read this is a great choice.