My boys have been talking about The BFG movie for months now. They have been so excited to see it, especially after we read the book out loud together. This past week they reminded me everyday that it was in theaters starting Friday the first and that we needed to go see it. Well we didn't make it Friday but I did take them Saturday night. The boys loved it and I thought they did a great job turning one of my all time favorite kid novels into a movie. The film was beautifully done and the scenes were gorgeous, especially when The BFG and Sophie are in dream country.  There was the perfect amount of boy humor (farting) and I loved the sweet ending. Now my boys would be the first to point out all the differences from the book to the movie but that didn't keep us from enjoying the show. I didn't feel like the changes took away from the of the story and it was a sweet, fun movie to watch with my kids!