by Meg Haston

This book follows the story of a girl who is sent to a treatment facility for an eating disorder. It was a very interesting look into the mind of someone who suffers from Anorexia or Bulimia. I couldn't help but think of the book Wintergirls that I read a few years ago. That book really touched me and I thought it was an astonishing look into that world.

I found this book to also be a very emotional look into the world of someone who suffers from an Eating disorder. There are some many different things that can trigger these kind of issues and I thought that this book did a good job of really showing that. The author has done an amzing job of making the main character, Stevie's,  emotions very accessible. I really felt like I understood what she was going through.

These kind of books can be tough to read but I think it's important to try an understand things that others face on a daily bases. It makes more empathic to the struggles of others. Especially when it is something we have never had to face before.

There was a lot of strong language in this book and some suggestive scenes I didn't really love, but overall I thought this was a really well written book.