Ready Player One

Ready Player One
by Ernest Cline

This was such a fun book to read. It is set in the future, in a time when the world is in turmoil and most people spend their time immersed in a Virtual World called Oasis. The creature of the game installed an Easter egg ( a hidden feature) with in the World of Oasis and the first person to find it inherits all of his money and control of his company. In a world where most people have very little, this contest quickly becomes the biggest obsession through out the world. It was such an unique concept and I was completed captivated by this story.

The creator was obsessed with the 80's so there are lots of references to music, movies and games form the eighties. For anyone who grew up in the eighties this could be a really fun way to relive so of those favorite memories. I was only  kid in the eighties but I recognized most of the references. My favorite thing about this book wasn't just all the 80's references but all the references to Sci Fi and Fantasy authors, movies, TV shows, etc. I am definitely a geek at heart and this book was filled with so many of my favorite things. I mean the main character flew around in a replica of Serenity! So great.

I also really loved the characters and felt myself rooting them on. Hoping they would win and beat out the evil corporation that wanted to take over control of the game so that they could start charging people to play. It was so interesting to have a glimpse into a world were face to face interactions were so limited and everyone spent most of their time in a virtual world, where they could be who ever they wanted and nobody knew what they were like in person. You can already see some of that happening with Facebook and Various other social media sources, so it was interesting to see it taking to such an extreme level. It felt like something that could truly happen. It is so easy to be someone else in the online world and easy to avoid having to deal with reality. Really though provoking when you think about the implications of a society who hides behind their virtual selves.

I couldn't put this story down. I thought the story was well developed and I loved the ending. If you are looking for something fun and unique to ready, you should give this book a try.