OxiClean HD

I recently tried OxiClean HD laundry detergent Paks and I have to say I am very impressed.

Stain of unknown origin

Eating fries with ketchup and getting it all over herself

My kids always get all sorts of stains all over their clothes but this detergent park got all the stains out, no problem! It got ketchup, juice, cherry and other various unknown stains out with no pretreatment needed. I'm a busy mom of three so I don't always remember to pretreat stains, which usually means random old stains on all their clothes. But that is not the case with these Paks. These were dried on stains that had sit for a couple of days and came out completely in the wash. I was really happy these worked just as advertised.  

They were really easy to use which made doing the laundry so much quicker. I used two Paks per load because they were so large and that worked perfectly.

I also love the scent. My clothes all smell so fresh and clean. There is not much better then the smell of clean laundry coming out of the drier and this detergent smells wonderful! 

I received this product free for testing. Opinions are 100% my own.

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