I am currently reading my way through the Malloreon series. I finally made it to book four and it proceeded to fall apart. I guess that's what happens when you've had a book since high school. It is really hard to read a book that won't stay together. My solution at the moment is to just hold the section I am currently reading and try not to mix the pages up.

I would say that in this series the first book was the slowest moving. Not a lot happened and most of it was a look into each of the Character's lives now that Torak had been defeated. I am very attached to many of the characters in this series so it was kind of fun to read about each one individually but I think that some people may find it a little boring. It wasn't until the end that things really started picking up. The rest of the series has been action pack and maybe a little frustrating that they can't seem to catch up!

I have some other books waiting that I am really looking forward to reading so I'm hoping that re reading this series has helped motivate me to read more again!