Reading again

I have really struggled the last few months/year to make time for reading. For some reason I just wasn't interested, which is so weird for me, a person who loves books. But I found myself always finding other things to do besides reading. Maybe I can blame it on modern technology and smart phones that so easily distract us from more important things, but the truth is that the books I kept picking up just weren't keeping my interest well enough. Add some insomnia, making me too tired to concentrate on what I was trying to read, and my reading time just kind of disappeared.

A few weeks ago I decided to do something about my it. I had checked a very popular book out of the library because for once it was actually on the shelf. I was so excited. Then 3 weeks past without me so much as picking up the book to look at it. Since it is such a popular book, I was unable to renew it and so had to return it without even starting it. At that point I knew something had to change.

I decide I needed to go back to some of my favorites from back in the day... so I went all the way back to highschool and started rereading The Belgariad series, by David Eddings. This was the Fantasy series that made me fall in love with Fantasy. I love the characters and this was the perfect set of books to get me back into reading. They did not disappoint and reading them was just as fun this time around. Although, now that I'm a bit older I found that I was surprised by how much violence was in this series. Lots of fighting and very gruesome descriptions. Now that I have a family of my own, violence bothers me a bit more than it used to.

I've already started the first book in the next series (which also has 5 books) and I'm feeling a little better about reading!