City of Lost Souls

City of Lost Souls
by Cassandra Clare

I finally got around to reading the fifth book of the Mortal Instruments series. I didn't love the 4th book so I guess that is why it took me so long to get around to reading this one. Only problem was that I couldn't remember what happened int the fourth book so I had to read a synopsis before I started this book so I had more of an idea of what was going on. I loved the first 3 in the series so much I was hopeful that this book would be more like the books enjoyed so much.

But I was pretty disappointed with this book. I just couldn't get into this story and it took me forever to get through the 500 plus pages of this novel. I found my self skimming through much of it just to finish it. The plot was somewhat interesting but I just found myself getting so annoyed with the characters and their decisions. Especially Clary, who kept making the worst decisions because she couldn't see past anything but her love for Jace. I also disliked the constant focus this book seemed to put on their sexual yearnings. That really seemed to be the main focus of this book which I found rather distracting from the rest of the story. I really wasn't looking to read a romance novel. I like romantic interest and relationship issues, but I don't need all the extra descriptions and bedroom scenes.

At this point I'm not sure if I will even bother reading the 6th book. I can't see it being any better then this one.