by Marissa Meyer

This is the final book in the Lunar Chronicle series and I was so excited to get this book for Christmas. I have been really looking forward to finding out how this series ends.

I have struggled finding time to read but my new years resolution is to read more books. I was so happy this past week to finally have some me time so that I could read Winter.

I was not disappointed. This was a great read. I loved how she used the story of Snow White to tell the conclusion of Cinder's story. As I read this book I was reminded how much I like the different characters in this series. I liked Winter so much, even though she was a bit crazy. She had such an inviting personality which was a perfect fit for this story. I just loved the whole concept of this series. A little Sci fi, a dystopian society and a fairytale romance all rolled into one. I thought she did a great job wrapping this story up and I was happy with how it ended for everyone.

The perfect ending to a series based on fairy tales!

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