Dove Dry Spray

I received my first Voxbox in the Mail from Influenster for their #Target #TryDry Spray Campaign. I was sent the Dove dry spray for both My husband and I to try out.

So before I write my review I'm going to admit something a little embarrassing because it directly impacts how I feel about this product. So here it is; I sweat a lot. I'm not talking about I had a good work out sweat. I'm talking about sitting on the couch doing nothing and sweating. I spent years being embarrassed by my underarm sweat and have tried all kinds of products in the past. Even the clinical strength ones didn't really stop the sweating. Thankfully in College I discovered prescription Antiperspirants and it changed my life. No joke.

Now I don't use the prescription strength stuff often, just enough to keep the excessive sweating at bay. So the rest of the time I like to use a deodorant that smells nice and moisturizes. My go to at the moment is Dove's Invisible solid Antiperspirant. I saw commercials for this new dry spray a few weeks ago and was definitely curious about the product, so when I received it in the mail I was thrilled to give it a try.

I purposely did not use my prescription strength stuff for the last few weeks so that I could really see how well the spray keeps me from sweating.

Getting ready for a work out. Making sure I put it through rigorous testing. ;)

My husband and I really liked this Dry spray.

It smells great. I got the cool essentials scent and I love it. Such a nice, refreshing scent. My husband also like his scent. I don't always like the scents in men products but this one is nice. Masculine but not overwhelming.

I was pleasantly surprised by how well it worked. The first day I used it I had to deal with some pretty stressful and anxiety causing situations (one of my major sweat triggers) and I stayed completely dry. 48 hours in and I was still dry. Very impressive. It also did a great job keeping my husband dry.
Now I did sweat some while working out but I feel like that is pretty normal no matter what kind of deodorant you use. I also found the second time I used it I sweated a little bit, but not nearly as much as I normally do when I'm not using a prescription.

What my husband really liked about his dry spray was how moisturizing it was. He finds that a lot of deodorants can be irritating and makes his skin dry but not this spray. The moisturizers are great in this product. I love how soft my under arms feel when I 'm using it.

For me I found that it didn't seem to dry as quickly as the packaging claimed but it does dry pretty fast. My husband didn't have the same issue as me and said his was very fast drying.

The nice thing about the dry spray is that I didn't have to worry about getting white marks on my clothes. Especially when I wore a tight fitting black shirt. Even if it isn't 100 percent dry it won't leave those dreaded white marks because it goes on clear.

My one negative (and it's probable just my inexperience with spray type products) was that it was difficult for me to tell how well I applied it. Did I get it in the right area? Did I apply enough dry spray? I'm sure the more I use it the less this will be a worry.

We both agree this is a great product and we plan on continuing to use it in the future.

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes