Elizabeth Smart

My Story
Elizabeth Smart, with Chris Stewart

I keep forgetting to post about the books I finish. The past couple weeks have been a little crazy with Halloween activities and prepping for our up coming cruise. I actually downloaded this book to have reading material while on vacation but I ended up reading it in two days. I started reading it because I figured it was a Non-fiction story and those always take me a while to get through. Not the case with this book at all. I flew through the story and found my self completely caught up in her story. What a horrific experience she went through.

 I think that way it was written really helped the story flow. This has been by far my favorite Non-fiction book about crime. I have read several others, about some pretty awful situations, but they were written much more academically, making them, at least for me, less reader friendly.

As I was reading this story I found my heartbreaking for her. I cried multiple times reading about what she had to endure. I cried even harder when she was rescued. What an ordeal. I found her perspective very interesting, especially trying to understand why she was unable to escape or even talk to others, while she was held captive. I also found her hope and faith very touching. Especially when she talked about her Grandfather being there, in spirit, for her. I am amazed that instead of blaming God or wondering why he would let such terrible things happen, that she chose to believe in God and his ability to keep her alive. Like she says, God has give people free agency, so he can't stop all the evil that is in this world but there were moments of true mercy and help that I am sure came from Him.

I remember when this story was in the news and I have always admired how well she seems to have adjust back into her life. I am glad that she was willing to share exactly what she went through. I can't imagine reliving that ordeal anymore then she had to.