Magic Kingdom for Sale/Sold

Magic Kingdom For Sale/ Sold
By Terry Brooks

I picked up this book because it seemed like a really fun premise. Tired of his day to day life as a lawyer and missing his wife, Ben comes across an advertisement for a Kingdom and decides to buy it.  Once he arrives in his newly acquired Kingdom, he soon discovers that he is now a King of a land in turmoil. Problem after problem pile up and he must decide if he as the courage and determination to be King or if he should go back to his normal, boring life.

I though this was a fun story. The Characters were interesting and the story intriguing. I really like that through out the book Ben learns about himself and what he is capable of doing. This was a really unique take on a fantasy world.

I did take me a while to get through this book. I'm just not a huge fan of his style of writting. I found myself skimming though the slower paragraphs. But other then that I like the story and the outcome. The story line kept me interested enough to keep going.