The Heiress of Winterwood

The Heiress of Winterwood
by Sarah Ladd

This was a fun, quick read. It only took me about a day to get through it. The story quickly drew me in and captured my interest. I really love the regency time period (reminds me of Jane Austin, who I love) and I was intrigued by the characters.

I didn't realize this was a Christian romance when I started reading it, so that was an interesting twist for me, having never read one of those before. I can't say that I really loved that aspect of the book. I felt that she was a little heavy handed with all the religious meanderings. I think she could have portrayed the same idea with a little more subtlety. Don't get me wrong, I like religion. I love my church and have a strong belief in God. I just thought it was all a bit too much in the book. I'm not sure I can even explain very well why I didn't like that aspect of the story. Oh well. It is what it is.

And did anyone else reading this book wonder how she didn't realize that Edward was just after her money the entire time? I mean why did she ever agree to marry him in the first place? I just thought that was a bit odd. She makes it sound like at first he was a true gentleman but we never get to see that side of him so it was hard for me too believe that she was so naive at first. Especially since she is such a strong, independent character.

I did enjoy the book. And liked how the true romance unfolded. There was plenty of intrigue and action. It little bit of scandal. All the things that keep a story interesting.