Quiet; The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking
by Susan Cain

 I was really interested in what I could learn fromm this book. It often feels like people who don't have introvert tendencies don't really understand how I see the world. I think it's easy to mistake quiet, as snobby or socially awkward. I do agree with her that much of our society feels like extroverted characteristics are desirable. I liked how she point out the many positives of being introverted. How, despite the prevailing opinion, introverts make great leaders.

The two sections I got the most from was when she talk about Religion and raising children. It is so true that Churches often lean towards its more extrovert members. I can see this everyday. It really do think we need to make an effort not to make people feel obligated to participate or even guilty for not wanting to do certain things. I much prefer to sit quietly in the back of class and just observe. Speaking or praying in front of a group cause me a great deal of anxiety. There have been times when I've avoided going to class for fear that I might be forced into giving a prayer. I say forced because I think people expect everyone to be willing and even want to participate so then I feel guilty for saying no. After reading this section it made me realize that I don't need to feel bad. There are other things that I can contribute that are much more in my comfort zone. That doesn't make me less of a member or less spiritual. It just means that I contribute in different ways.

I thought the section about raising kids and helping them navigate their school years as introverts was really interesting. I think a lot of parents, extroverted or introverted, could gain some insight from this chapter. I am always happy to learn things that may help me keep my kids happy and successful.

But this book was so hard to get through. I had to check it out twice (6 weeks) to finish it and the only reason I really got through it was that I had two other books waiting for me to read. Books that I was really looking forward to reading. This book was just really slow and a bit repetitive. I wish there was more about how we change societies views to be more excepting of introvert characteristics. It just seemed like she keeping going on and on about how under appreciated they are with no real answer. It wasn't until the last couple pages that she even mentions how to help.

So, yes I though it was interesting and a learned some new things from this book. But I also got bored of it quickly and struggled to even finish it. I'm really not sure how I would rate this book so I'll just leave it at that. :)