by Neal Shusterman

 I didn't realize that the last two books in this series were available until a couple months ago. I immediately moved them up on my  To Be Read list. This is such a unique and interesting series and I was excited to see how it ended.

It has been quite some time since I read the first two books and I thought I may need to reread them so all the characters and events would be fresh in my mind. I read a little synopsis on line and ended up being able to get right back into the store, with out any problems.

I really like this series. The first two books Unwind and Unwholly were so thought provoking and this one was just as good. I really like how he includes real news articles through out the book that showcase just how a world like this could be possible. It seems so terrible that people would allow children to be unwound (killed) as an answer to problems but these articles truly showcase how that kind of thinking can work it's way into our society.

Now I need to request book 4 so I can find out what happens to everyone!