We decided to continue with our book club this year. We weren't organized enough to have a book for January but we did manage to meet and pick out all the books for this coming year.

The book for February was

by Orson Scott Card

It was really interesting to read someones take on what life may have been like for Sarah and Abraham. The Bible verse are pretty brief and only give you a small glimpse into their life.

This was a slow starter for me. It took me forever to get through it. There were parts I really enjoyed and liked the perspective he gave the story. There were other parts I didn't care for as much. I almost stopped reading after the first chapter because it bothered me that Abram at age 20 was telling a ten year old girl how beautiful she was and that he was going to marry her. It bothered me that she was talking about how she loved him. Now maybe back in the day it was normal for people to start thinking about marriage that young but in the book she is portrayed as a ten year old. For me that is way to young. If anyone in their 20s looks at my daughter when she is ten and tells her how beautiful she is and that he plans to marry her I would think there was something very wrong with them!

 I am glad I kept reading. The rest of the story was much more believable. I really liked the part when they were in Egypt and had to pretend she was his sister. The scriptures don't explain much about that and I liked the way it was explained in the book. I know this is a fictional story but sometimes it is nice to take what life may have been like to help understand the scriptures a little better.