The Fault in Our Stars

I put off reading this book for a really long time. John Green is an excellent writer (you can read my reviews of a couple of his other books here and here) but I just wasn't sure if I was up for reading a cancer book.

We watched the movie a few weeks ago and I decided that I really needed to read the book. I enjoyed the movie way more then I expected.

Turns out that the movie followed the book really closely. It was kind of nice reading it with the knowledge of things to come. I liked the characters in the book just as much as I liked them in the movie. I also thought the author did a great job of portraying what it was like to be dying of cancer and what it was like to lose some one. Such a touching and honest look at a subject that can be so hard to deal with. I can see why this book is a best seller. I would recommend this book to everyone!