Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Selection

The Selection
by Kiera Cass

When I was looking for a new book to read I came across this series. At first I was a little hesitant to read it because it got so many bad reviews on Good Reads. I saw it while browsing the shelves at the Library and decided to go ahead and give it a try.

This story is set in the future where World War has caused the downfall of the United Sates and a new country with a caste system has emerged. 35 girls are chosen to compete to be the Prince's wife. America is chosen to be a part of the competition but doesn't really want to be there, at least not for the same reason as all the other girls. She just wants to help her family.

I ended up really enjoying this book. So much so that I finished it in under 2 days. This was a fun read. It probably helps that I wasn't looking for something deep or thought provoking. I think sometimes people take themselves too seriously. I just wanted something entertaining, that didn't take me forever to get through. This book was perfect for that.

I liked the characters and I'm interested finding out more about the world they live in. What are the Rebels really looking for? This is another dystopian novel with a love triangle and for once I'm a little torn who she should end up with. I really like the prince but I feel like her boyfriend,who is in a lower caste, is at such a disadvantage that I kind of want to root for him.

Anyway, I liked this book and will definitely the rest of the series.

Friday, February 6, 2015

The Fault in Our Stars

I put off reading this book for a really long time. John Green is an excellent writer (you can read my reviews of a couple of his other books here and here) but I just wasn't sure if I was up for reading a cancer book.

We watched the movie a few weeks ago and I decided that I really needed to read the book. I enjoyed the movie way more then I expected.

Turns out that the movie followed the book really closely. It was kind of nice reading it with the knowledge of things to come. I liked the characters in the book just as much as I liked them in the movie. I also thought the author did a great job of portraying what it was like to be dying of cancer and what it was like to lose some one. Such a touching and honest look at a subject that can be so hard to deal with. I can see why this book is a best seller. I would recommend this book to everyone!