Sarah's Key

Sarah's Key
by Tatiana De Rosnay

This was our last book for our book club this year. December were are just planning on having a book exchange and planning next years list.

This is story about the round up of the Jews in France during World War II. I had never heard about this event since much of what we read about in school usually involved Germany or Poland.

This was such a sad story. After reading the first chapter I knew this book was going to describe some very tragic and horrible events. I still find it so heartbreaking that a group of people would be treated in such a horrific way. I followed the story of Sarah and her key, knowing that it was not going to end well, and was curious to see how it unfolded.

I have to say that I thought that i would like this book more then I did. Maybe I still have the beautiful written The Book Thief in my mind but this book just wasn't as well written and I really lost interest half way through when the story started focusing mostly on the life of the women who was researching the events of that day. I just didn't care for that part of the story. I thought it was pretty horrible that her husband was making her decide between staying with him by having an abortion or keeping her baby. What a horrible ultimatum and it annoyed me that she felt guilty (at least at first) for not choosing her husband. I good person wouldn't make someone make that kind of choice so I felt like she shouldn't feel bad about it.

This was an interesting read and it was a good way to learn about the Jews Holocaust that took place in France. An event that is not talk about much but really should be remembered.