Every Day

Every Day 
by David Levithan

I picked this book up because I thought the concept sounded fascinating, a person who wakes up in a different body each day. I didn't end up enjoying this book as much as I thought it would. The concept was fascinating and I was always interested to see who the main character,  A would would wake up as. That is really the only reason I kept reading this book. It was definitely interesting to see the world from that kind of perspective.

But in the end the story just didn't seem to go anywhere and I had more questions then answers by the end. The ending was pretty abrupt and it didn't feel like anything really got solved. It really felt like the main point the author was trying to get across was that gender shouldn't be defined by biology. With a bunch of other social issues thrown in for good measure, from drug addiction to depression to illegal immigraton. The list could go on and on. Not to mention the casual attitude to teen sex and drinking found through out the book.

 A, wasn't defined as male or female and adjusted to what ever situation and gender placed in. A gets annoyed when the girl A falls in love with can't seem to show affection, when A is a girl because to A that shouldn't matter. Plus as much as A acted like a good person, A kept being reckless with the other peoples lives. I found myself not really liking A. In the end A runs away in another persons body to learn how to change waking up everyday in a new body. This seems like a logical thing for a person in that situation to do but A is running to find the person who offered to help but who A's first impression of them made them seemed malicious and even a bit evil. I came away from the book feeling like A wasn't such a good person after all.

This certainly isn't a book I would want a teenager to read and being influenced by.