The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner
by James Dashner

I saw the previews for this upcoming movie and knew that I wanted to read the book. This was a really quick read which was a nice change from the last couple books I've read. (One that I'm still working on...)

It begins with a young man arriving at the Maze with no memories of his past and no idea what is going on. He learns that the the only way out is to solve the Maze. The real truth is much more complicated then that and I feel like this book only scratched the surface of what is really going on. The book ended and I felt like there were more questions and not many answers. I have already requested the second book so that I can learn more about the world they are living in and what was the purpose of the Maze experiment.  

The language is a bit juvenile with all the random slang words that the boys use but at least the book wasn't riddled with bad language.  I think this would be a good book for the young teen boy crowd. Lots of action to keep them interested.     

After reading the book, I would definitely be interested in watching the movie to see how they handle the way the story unfolds.