Book Fair

I haven't managed to do much reading recently. I keep waiting for a certain book to arrive at the Library  but it still hasn't come yet. I'm in the number one hold position but for some reason it still hasn't come...

Anyway, I did manage to take my boys to the book fair at the Elementary School. The each chose one book to bring home.

My 6 year old chose this book about Underwear.

Pirates Love Underpants
by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort

It was no surprise that my boys that this story was hilarious. I thought it was a bit silly but the pictures were great.

My 4 year old chose a book about Surfing.

Surfer Chick
by Kristy Dempsey

They both love the movie Surf's up so It was a no brainer that he would choose a book about a surfing chicken. This was a cute story, with cute pictures, about a young chicken who wants to learn to surf like her dad.