I Am Number Four

I Am Number Four
By Pittacus Lore

I have been wanting to read this book ever since I saw the movie, back in 2011. I just kept forgetting to request it from the Library. I finally remembered last week and was excited to bring it home to read.

I wish I could say that I loved the book but I didn't. I also didn't hate the book but I'm not sure if it is worth reading the rest of the series. It has such an interesting concept but it just moved a little too slow for me. It felt like nothing much happened for the majority of the novel. I even got bored with the big fight with the other Aliens, which was the big climax of the story. Honestly it was a bit hard to keep track of what was going on.

There are things I liked about the story. I thought the background story of why he was on earth to be interesting and I liked reading more about his time on Lorien. I liked his pet beagle (no surprise there, being the animal lover that I am). I just knew there was something special about him even if Four was clueless.

It has been too long since I saw the movie so I can't really make any comparisons. Maybe i enjoyed the movie a little more? Because I'm sure the story moved a little faster on film.