I had a great time at book club this month. Even though I had read the book before, I knew I needed to read it again. It must have been quite a few years since I last read it since I have never posted about it on the blog.

by Shannon Hale

I enjoyed this story just as much as I remember enjoying it, when I read it before. It follows the story of a single women, who is obsessed with Jane Austen, in particular the BBC Version of Pride and Prejudice. She feels like she may end up single forever, when an Aunt discovers her obsession and sends her on a vacation to live in the world of Jane Austen. It was a cute story and being a fan of Jane Austen, I thought it was a fun idea. Wouldn't it be fun to relive a favorite book in person? If you could go on Vacation to any book themed resort where would you go?

It was a quick read and kept me entertained the entire time.  I like how she included the history of her past boyfriends through out the book. It really helped me understand better what Jane was feeling and why her relationships in the past never worked out. The story definitely got us all thinking about the fine line between not settling for someone and not raising your exceptions so high you never meet "Mr. Right."

Next Months book is...

The Message
by lance Richardson