Book Club- May

Since I just read this months book not that long ago, I decided that I would watch the movie instead. I figured that it would at least jog my memory for when we got together to discuss the book.

You can read my post about The Book Thief (click Title for the link) but for those who have been reading my blog you may already remember just how much I loved this book. It is such a beautifully written story!

I thought that they did a good job with the movie. Sure there were things left out but it stayed true to the story. The casting was great too! I would definitely recommend this movie if you haven't seen it yet.

We had such fun discussing the book. We agreed that that would have been such a difficult time period to live through and the courage that some had to try saving others is truly touching.

Next Month's Book is...

by Shannon  Hale


  1. Fun book to read next month (ok this month since I'm late in commenting!) Word to the wise--skip "Midnight in Austenland," it's really not any good!


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