Time for reading

I have been on a little hiatus from reading, not because I'm tired of reading, but because reading has been difficult these past few weeks. Unfortunately, on top of bad morning sickness during pregnancy, I also get more frequent, more severe headaches. These headaches make reading  anything  very difficult. This pregnancy has been no different, thus the lack of posts.

My doctor tells me that the headaches should be gone by 20 weeks. That is still 5 weeks away! I'm hopeful that since my morning sickness seems to be getting better, that my headaches will improve sooner. I even managed to request a couple new books from the library. Here's hoping I feel up to reading when they are available. :)


  1. Sorry about the headaches...that's terrible! I hope you can enjoy reading again soon. I never could get into a book during my last pregnancy and it was a sad, sad time. I look forward to seeing what you enjoy reading again here soon! (I always read your blog, just on my phone so commenting is a hassle!)


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