Heaven is Here

Heaven Is Here
by Stephanie Nielson

So much for my statement a few days ago that I rarely read Non-fiction... this makes 2 non-fiction books I've completed within a week of each other.

I had heard of Stephanie Nielson and have several friends who followed her blog but had never read it. I knew that she had been in a horrific accident and that she had inspired others through her experience, but that was basically all I knew.

In this book she tells about her life before the accident and then tells how her life changed the year following the plane crash. She was burned over 80 percent of her body and was in a coma for months afterwards.

I am so thankful my friend gave me this book to read. I was really touched by her story. What I appreciated the most was how honest she was about how difficult the journey was.  She didn't get better overnight and much of her experience included more pain and suffering then I could ever imagine going through.

I found the part when she told about her experiences while she was in a coma and the visits from her deceased grandmother especially comforting. What a blessing to know that there are loved ones on the other side who are watching over us.

I thought this was a heartbreaking, yet beautiful story.