Book Club- March 2014

The Glass Castle
by Jeannette Walls

This was a fascinating story about what it was like growing up in a less then ideal home. Her father was an alcoholic and they had very little money. Her parents moved constantly and rarely had steady incomes. They left their kids to their own devices much of the time and I was shocked by some of the things that went on and a little surprised that nobody ever stepped in to help these kids. They had such a tough life, digging through trash at times to find something to eat. The really sad thing was that her parents chose to live that way. Luckily for the kids they were all very intelligent and eventually made it out of that situation and were able to create successful lives for themselves, far different from they way they were raised. I definitely felt like this book was an eye opening look at a portion of our population that I don't always think about. It was a great read and I would highly recommend giving this book a read.

April's Book:

The Ocean at The End of The Lane
by Neil Gaiman