The Giver

Book Club for February:

The Giver 
by Lois Lowry

I feel like to really talk about how I felt about this book. I may have to include a few spoilers... I will try to keep them vague.

I sat down and read this book in a day. It is a children's book and only around 180 pages so it was a quick read. What a fascinating story! I seriously could put this book down.

This is a story about a dystopian society where everyone lives with out pain or feelings. They live by a strict set of rules and are told what their jobs will be when they turn 12. As with most novels of this type, everyone seems content with this way of life but things are never as they seem at first glance.

I always enjoy reading these types of novels where a group has attempted to create the perfect society. It seems like in these cases the people must give up something fundamental to what it means to be human.  Being a twin myself, I found the part about the twin babies, especially heartwrenching.

I was a little disappointed with the ending, only because it felt so abrupt. And I questioned what it really meant. Did he find what he was looking for or was he so near death that he was delirious? I would like to think that in the end he was rescued but I'm not positive that is what happened. Anyone else who read the book wonder the same thing?

There are three other books about this society but I think they follow different people and places. So I may never get my answers. I guess I will have to read them and find out!

Now for the March Book of the Month:

The Glass Castle 
by Jeannette Walls