Library Finds

It is time for some more fun children's books that we brought home form the Library.

Wink, The Ninja Who Wanted to Be Noticed
by J.C. Phillpps

This was a really fun story about a little Ninja who found it hard to be stealthy. I love that he finds a way to be a ninja but stay true to himself at the same time. I also loved the artwork in this book.

The Sea Serpent and Me
by Dashka Slater

I thought this was such a sweet story about growing up and leaving home. I loved everything about it... It is beautifully written and the pictures are lovely to look at. Plus my boys liked it too because it was about a Sea Monster.

Splat and the Cool School Trip
by Rob Scotton

The boys thought that this story was so funny. They love all the penguins in the bathtub! This was a cute story about a school trip to the Zoo that didn't go quite as planned.