By Veronica Roth

Even though I have been hearing mixed reviews about the final book in this Trilogy, I was excited when a copy of this book arrived at the Library for me. My Husband turned to me last night, noticed I no longer had the book in my hand and asked, "You already finished it?" I grinned and replied in the affirmative. It doesn't take me long to read, when I really like a book!

I read this book every spare moment I had. And despite the mixed reviews I thought it was perfect. It was exactly what I needed to wrap up the story. Most of the story takes place in the outside world and there are some very sad moments but I liked where the story went. After the second book I felt kind of let down and didn't quite get why the big reveal was so shocking. This book really cleared those feelings up for me and once they went out into the world it made a whole lot more sense to me.

One complaint I heard was that people didn't like that it switches between Tobias and Tris' point of view. I didn't mind that it switched between Tris and Tobias' point of view because I felt like it help created a more complete picture of the situation. Although I did have to remind myself several times just who I was reading about from chapter to chapter.

I have read plenty of Dystopian novels now and most of them I have always felt that, although the story line was fascinating, we as a society wouldn't let things go that far or take such an extreme view of the world. For me this book felt much more real. I could truly imagine a world where people held such extreme views. It doesn't seem so far fetched that and entire population can be control and manipulated by limiting their knowledge and telling half-truths. Isn't that a little how the media, politicians and varies  organizations get people to believe what they want, even today's society?

I really liked what this book had to say about love, selflessness and sacrifice. It definitely made me really examine what those meant to me.

Anyway, I really loved this series. All three books were great reads and I can't wait to see what they do with the movie!


  1. I'm on the waiting list for the first in this feels like I've been on the waiting list forever! Downside of living in a small town, I guess! I'm glad all the books are out now so I don't have to wait and wait for the next one to be published! :)

  2. I'm glad you liked it! I didn't hate it as some of my friends did, but I didn't like it as much as the first one. The switching off between Tris and Tobias is what threw me the most. I was just so used to seeing everything as Tris did. Sooooo, what are you reading next?!

    1. Probably the newest Percy Jackson book.


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