Tuck Everlasting

Tuck Everlasting
By Natalie Babbitt

There are certain books from my school years that have really stayed with me and this was one of them. This is the story of a family who discovers a spring that causes them to live forever and the girl who meets them. Before I reread this book I really didn't remember much about it except that it revolved around this family and a special spring in the woods. Even though that was all I could remember, for some reason this story has always stayed with me as being a fun book. I must have really enjoyed reading it when I was a kid. I can't even remember what grade we read this in...

Anyway, I am glad that I took time to read this story again. It really is a fun book and it was neat to read it from an adult perspective. It has been years since I've read this book. It was a quick, easy read (it is a children's book after all) and was just what I expected! I liked everything about it and I love that it really makes you think about the consequences of living forever. It wasn't too complex yet it felt like the  perfect way to get the young minds reading it really thinking about the world around them.

Now I want to watch the movie, again!