The Alchemist

The Alchemist
by Paulo Coelho

I was randomly browsing the "Classics" section at the Library and I came across this title. It jumped out at me because I had seen it on several book club list. I'm always interested in finding out why a certain book is so popular.

After reading it I'm not really sure what the hype is all about. I didn't hate the story, but I didn't really like it all that much either. I didn't love the style of writing but that might have more to do with the fact that it was translated.

When I first began reading it I liked where the story was going. The message seemed to be truly insightful. It begins with a young shepherd boy, who goes on a journey to discover a treasure but is impeded at every stop. In those moments it seems like all hope is lost but he gets through those trials and realizes that he gained something important from each of those experiences. I liked that. It is always good to remember that sometimes in our journey through life we have road blocks that seems difficult and unfair but in those moments we might meet someone or learn something that will change our lives for the better. They may lead us down a different path then we planned on but may that just may be the path that will bring us the most happiness.

I think I would have liked the book more if this had been the encompassing message of the story but when the book ended that wasn't what I took away. I began to lose interest towards the end. There were all these "Spiritual" messages, long discussions about the Soul of the World and Personal Legends, and it really overshadowed the story. With all this religious type talk I thought there was going to be some profound message at the end of the story but really I found the whole thing rather Anticlimactic. There just wasn't anything that profound about all his soul searching. At least not for me...