Some Super Heros and a Monkey?

Not surprisingly,  the boys got some new books for Christmas. It is always fun to have some new stories to read and they got a couple Treasuries of stories that they are really loving.

5 Minute Marvel Stories

My boys love all things super heros. Some of there favorite toys are the Imaginext Super Friends play-sets. This treasury is perfect for them and I like it because each story only takes 5 minutes to read. That really is the perfect length at our house. They will also flip through the pages on their own, looking at the pictures, which is great too!

A Treasury of Curious George
by Margret and H. A. Rey

The boys really love these stories. They always involve George getting into something he shouldn't or causing some kind of mischief and I think the boys think it is funny. I have noticed that although George is always doing things he shouldn't, he never really gets in trouble. Hmmm.... I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Which reminds me, I noticed that in descriptions about Curious George books they call him a monkey, but he sure looks more like a Chimpanzee to me. He doesn't have a tail. So doesn't that technically make him an Ape, not a monkey?