Looking For Alaska

Looking For Alaska
by John Green

I've been trying to decide what exactly I want to write about this book and I'm still not sure. It was definitely an interesting read. It kept my attention and I cared about the characters and their lives. I liked how he portrayed the teens search for answers to  the big questions of life, like where we go when we die and how to deal with suffering that we will all face at some point. This was a very thought provoking book.

There were somethings about this book that I didn't like very much. One, the story takes place at a High School boarding school and there is a lot of smoking, drinking and sex. At one point a pornography video  and a sexual encounter between two teens is  described. The amount of cigarettes, alcohol, and pornography hidden in all the students rooms was for me a little appalling. Maybe I'm a little niave but after reading this book I would really hesitate ever sending my kids to a boarding school if that amount of bad behavior is considered a normal part of teen life. There was also quite a bit if strong language in the story.

That all being said I still liked the overall message of the book. There were definitely consequences to some of the bad behaviors and they learn some important life lessons. But I would really be hesitant to give this book to the younger teen set.