by Dan Brown

Even though I didn't enjoy his last Book the Lost Symbol that much, I was happy to give this book a try. I usually really enjoy his style of writing. It seemed to take me forever to finish this book but it is over a 100 chapters long so that is no big surprise!

I would say that I enjoyed this story much more then the Lost Symbol. As always I found all the history and symbolism fascinating. Even though the book was long, the story was fast paced and kept me intrigued the entire time.

I didn't really buy the whole premise of over-population causing the abrupt extinction of humans in the near future (especially since there are countries where population is actually decreasing) but I reminded myself that this was a fictional story and it did make for a riveting story. Or maybe I'm just in denial, like one of the the characters in the book says, because it is easier to just not worry about it.

Either way I don't think this book is truly just about dealing with the consequences of overpopulation. It is about following clues and trying to stop a mad man from completing his final mission. I think the reason why I like Dan Brown's books so much is that I like following the clues and discovering what comes next.


  1. I'll have to give this one a try. I felt disappointed by "The Lost Symbol" too.


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