This Lullaby

This Lullaby
by Sarah Dessen

This summer I got several of Sarah Dessen's books from the Library for free and I have been slowly working my way through them. This is the last one in my stack. I think this is my least favorite of her books I have read. Along for the Ride is still my favorite.

I really do like her style of writting. Her books are easy to read and the characters are always well written. even if I have nothing in common with them I can alway understand  how they are feeling and why they do the things they do.

The reason why this wasn't my favorite was all the drinking, swearing and references to sex through out this book. Being a book about teenagers, I didn't like that it seemed like every chapter there was some kind of alcohol involved. Not only that but the adults didn't seem to care and even helped provide it at times. I realize that this happens a lot in High School, even if that wasn't my experience, but it bothers me when books for teenagers seem to glorify bad behavior.

However, I will admit that her drinking at such a young age does have a lot to do with the person she had become in the book. She gets drunk at a party where a boy takes advantage of her. Her reaction to that event is to get drunk more and sleep with more boys. She becomes very cynical, not believing in love. So for that reason, I can understand how the behaviors I think are bad, were a major part of her character development. So maybe I shouldn't be so bothered by it?

Hmmm... I guess I'm a little conflicted about this book.