Kids Books

This week we discovered a lot of fun books at the Library. I would say it was a successful trip!

Meow Said The Cow
by Emma Dodd

This book made my boys laugh every time we read it. It is about a cat who doesn't want the rooster to wake him up, so he casts spells to change which noises all the animals make. Cute pictures and fun story.

The Pirates Next Door
by Jonny Duddle

My boys loved this fun story about Pirates who move into town, while their ship is being repaired. The pictures are great. It was fun picking out all the pirate things on each page. The story was cute too.

Skeleton Cat
by Kristyn Crow

This would have been a perfect book to read for Halloween. It was still fun to read, even though we are half way through November... I swear now that I have kids time just seems to fly by! This fun story is about a Skeleton cat who wants to be a drummer in a band. Cute pics and story.

Stega Nona
by Tomie dePaola

I remember this book from when I was a kid, about a magical Pasta Pot that won't stop making spaghetti. My boys liked it, especially the ending.

The Knight and the Dragon
by Tomie dePaola

This was a fun picture book about a knight who had never fought a dragon and a dragon who had never fought a knight. It is mostly just pictures but my boys really liked looking through this book.