Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween fun

We check a couple fun books out from the library, which are perfect for this time of year.

Heckedy Peg
by Audrey Wood

This is one of my favorite Audrey and Don Wood books. I adore the pictures and the story! It is an excellent fairy tale, with magic, a wicked witch and a mother determined to rescue her children. I loved this book when I was a kid and my kids liked it too. Yeah!

by Arthur Howard

This fun book was read during our Library's story time. The boys liked it so much they insisted on bring it home. It tells about a young witch who searches for the perfect creepy pet. Such a fun read and right in time for Halloween!

Friday, October 25, 2013


By Christopher Paolini

I finally got around to reading the finally book in this series, that started with Eragon. It took me a long time. I didn't realize how big it was until I picked it up from the Library. It is over 800 pages! I remembered, when I started reading it, that his books are king of slow at times. It took forever for anything to really start happening and even when things started moving quicker, it still took an entire chapter to describe one fight. I'll be honest, I get bored reading about fighting when it takes too long.

That being said, I am still glad I read this book. I would have always wondered how the series ended if I hadn't. I thought he wrapped it up well. Although, I thought it would have been neat to have a glimpse of what the future was like for Eragon and Saphire. Then I remembered how long the book was and changed my mind.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy

Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy
By Ally Carter

I just finished reading book 2 in the Gallagher Girl series. I didn't realize when I borrowed the ebook from the library, that I only had one week to finish it. I  had decided to finish another book first before starting this one and then three days ago I received an email informing me that my book loan on my kindle would end in three days. Good thing this was an easy, fun read.

This story follows the same four girls at the Gallagher Academy, a school for spies. I will admit that at times I found this book silly, but it was still fun and I enjoyed the story. I say silly because, similar to the last book, it is written like she is giving a report, so she is constantly making lists. List about A) pros and cons B) course of action they could take  and C)  just about anything else you could possible think of.

I think this series would be especially fun for the younger teen girl crowd. It is a very clean read and has a good mix of girls using their smarts, dealing with boys, and just being friends.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Clockwork Prince

Clockwork Prince
by Cassandra Clare

This is the second book in the Infernal Devices series. This story picks right up from where the last book ended. I didn't get a chance to mention in my review of Clockwork Angel that I really like the artwork on the cover of this series. I can't really explain what I like so much but for some reason they just really grab my attention.

Like that last book, I was completely enthralled by this story and it took my only about a day to finish. I was thankful that I didn't have to wait the entire book to find out what Will's secret was since I had been waiting to find out since that last book. In fact you found out pretty early on in the book, which I thought was great. I think I would have been really annoyed if I had gotten through the entire book and still not know why he acted the way he did.

I could tell from the set up of the last book that there was going to be a love triangle involved in this series and that became very obvious in this book. Sorry for the spoiler but I really think that anyone reading this book would have come to that conclusion early on in the first book. There are definitely more amorous encounters and I was a little worried how far she might take it, but it turned out ok. There was also plenty of action to keep me interested in what was going to happen next.

I thought this was a very entertaining read. I really loved reading more about these characters and I look forward to reading the third book.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Truth About Forever

The Truth About Forever
by Sarah Dessen

As I began this book I wasn't sure if I was going to like it as much as her other books. Was I going to find this girl as relatable? It took me a few chapters but it wasn't long before I was completed drawn into this story. This story is about a young girl who must learn to face and deal with her father's death. In the process she becomes to understand just what she wants in life. I thought it was a very touching story, even if it was predictable at times. I knew early on who she was supposed to end up with and that  despite any obstacles they might face, that they would eventually end up together. But that didn't bother me because it was the journey to that point which was important. She just had to figure out what would make her truly happy first.

This author really has a way of making her characters feel real. Even though her books are about teenagers, I always find that I learn something relevant about life and the struggles people face. I think it is important to understand how others feel, especially if through that understanding you are able to help them in a difficult time. Her books always give me valuable insight into these emotions.

There is some language in this book, more then I remember in her other books, but not too much that it distracted for the story. I am glad I had a chance to read this book. It is emotional, real and in the end a very sweet story about what forever means.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Clockwork Angel

Clockwork Angel
by Cassandra Clare

This is the first book in her Inferno Devices series, which is the prequel to the Mortal Instruments series.    I really liked the Mortal Instruments series so I was excited to give this book a try. Just like the Mortal Instruments, this story tells about a young girl who finds herself involved with Shadow hunters who must fight to keep the Human world safe from Demons and other monsters. The difference was that it is set in Victorian London, instead of Modern day New York.

I liked all the characters in this series just as much as her Mortal Instrument series. Sometimes I worry I might not since I become so attached to the characters in varies books. I thought that the story line was great and I couldn't put this book down. There was plenty of action to keep me craving more. One thing that makes this story great is that it is a prequel. This story will be entertaining even if you haven't read The Mortal Instruments series. At the same time there are references to names (Lightwood and Herondale) and the appearance of Magnus Bane, which will keep fans of that series interested.

As is common with books written in series there are several questions still left unanswered at the end of the book. I have already picked up the next book in the series because I want to know no more, especially about Will, who reminds me of Jace from the Mortal Instruments and who I know is keeping a big secret.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Reading fun

Here are some books we have been enjoying this week.

The Woods
by Paul Hoppe

This fun book is perfect for October. A young boy goes searching for his lost bunny in the woods and meets some "scary" creatures along the way, who turn out to be not so scary after all. My boys really like this book and loved looking at the pictures.

Alpha Oops! The Day Z Went First
by Alethea Kontis

In this unique ABC book Z decides he is tired of going last. Soon all the other letters join in and mix up the Alphabet. This was fun to read.

The Littlest Dinosaur
By Michael Foreman

This was a really cute story with fun pictures. I loved the message .Everyone is important no matter what their size. Your differences make you special.