That Summer

That Summer
Sarah Dessen

I enjoyed reading one of Sarah Dessen's other books Along for the Ride so I picked up a few more of her books to read. This was the first one I decided to read, mainly because it was the shortest. There is just something really appealing to short, fun reads when I have two little kids at home. I know I wont usually get long stretches at a time to read, so these shorter books are perfect.

And this was just what I needed. Fun, quick and entertaining. Although it was about a fifteen year old girl and teenage age problems I still really enjoyed this book. Thankfully (at least in the last two books of  hers I've read) Sarah Dessen does a great job of writing about teenage angst with out making her characters annoying.

I liked this book because it addressed real issues that teenagers face and did it well. From divorce, to a sister leaving home, to realizing that people aren't always who they appear to be. I thought this was a great story about a girl who grows and learns more about herself over one summer.

I look forward to what her next story may hold. I really think she is a great writer.