Library Finds

Here are some fun animal stories:

Bark, George
By Jules-Feiffer

They read this story during Library Story time and the boys thought it was hilarious. A mother dog tries to get her puppy to bark but he keeps making other  animal noises instead.

McElligot's Pool
By Dr Seuss

I know I've said other Dr. Seuss books are my favorite in the past, but really this is my favorite one. I just love all the pictures of the different types of fish. I remember flipping through this book as a young girl. It has fun rhymes and is a really cute story.

Back to Front and Upside Down!
By Claire Alexander

This was a great book for my five year old who is about to start Kindergarten. I think I am more stressed about his first day of school then he is. This book tells the story of a young dog who struggles with his writing. I thought it had a good message about asking for help, practicing and not giving up. My son doesn't like writing very much and often gives up quickly when he feels like he cant do it right. I am hoping this book will encourage him not to give up and keep on trying.