Reading club

We are participating in the Libraries summer reading club. It is a good way to get my boys to read more.

We checked out some new books this week.

The Donut Chef
by Bob Staake

This is a story about two chefs who compete to have the best donuts. Their recipes get crazier and crazier until one little girl can't find the donut she wants, glazed.

The Best Time of Day
by Eileen Spinelli

This was a really cute story about a farm. It tells the best time of day for all the people and critters who live there. The Pictures are great and it was fun to read.

My No. No. No Day!
By Rebecca Patterson

I got this book because we have been having a lot of these kind of days at our house. It was good for the boys to see that everyone has bad days sometimes but it doesn't have to be everyday.

Nora's Ark
by Eileen Spinelli

This was another cute story about a little girl who on a raining day pretends to build an ark in her backyard. I thought it was a cute way to remember about Noah's Ark and the ending was really sweet.

Thank You. Miss Doover
by Robin Pulver

I thought this story was pretty funny. My boys didn't get it, at all. It tells the story of a boy who is trying to learn how to write thank you notes. I thought it was a cute way to introduce how to properly write a thank you note but maybe my kids need to be older to really get the humor.