Dragon Rider

Dragon Rider
by Cornelia Funke

I have always loved stories about Dragons so I was excited to read this book from the author of Inkheart. This tells the story of a Dragon and the young boy who helps him search for the ancestral home of dragons.

This was a cute story with lots of magical creatures in it but I have to admit that it did not keep my interest as well as her other books. I often found myself putting it down after only a few chapters or getting distracted by other things I want to do more.

I have two guess for why I had a hard time getting through this book. First, this story was definitely geared for a younger audience. Most of the time that is not a problem for me but I think this story may have been just a little too juvenile for me. Second, I have a lot going on right now, planning our move, packing, organizing, find a new place to live and so forth.

I do think this would be a great book for a child who may not always enjoy reading. I think Fantasies, like this story, can really capture a young child's heart and set them on the path of loving to read. Plus it is an easy read. This would also be a good one to read out loud to your children.