Baby Proof

Baby Proof
By Emily Giffin

I picked up this book at a garage sale because I enjoyed reading her other book Something Borrowed.

This story is about a women who does not want children and what she does when her husband changes his mind and decides that he does want a baby after all.

At times I found myself being annoyed with her stubbornness and how quickly she seemed to think that divorce was the answer. It felt like they a great marriage, had one bad fight and then called it quits. I found this annoying because to me marriage is so much more then that. It takes hard work and in this case divorce seemed like to simple of a solution.

That being said this was actually a very engaging book. It is very well written and it was easy to understand why she felt the way she did. I really enjoyed watching her grow and change in the novel. I liked the ending and felt like she finally reach the same conclusion I had at the beginning of the book. I guess it just shows that sometimes in life it takes a few more chapters or even an entire book to figure out the obvious!

I do have to warn anyone interested in reading this book that there are quiet a few F- words through out the book and lots of sexual references and encounters (although none of them were super descriptive, thankfully).